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MCL 31 Dermablate YAG Laser

The MCL31 Dermablate is the gold standard when it comes to high-precision ablation and fractional technology. The device allows the safe and gentle removal of various benign formations of the epidermis and dermis.

The Erbium: YAG laser: the gold standard for dermatological treatment.
The Erbium: YAG-laser MCL31 Dermablate performs skin ablation with micron-level precision and can be performed as a full ablative as well as a fractional process. This allows a wide variety of lesions at the epidermis and dermis level to be safely and gently removed from the skin and effectively rejuvenate the skin. Its reliability and effectiveness have been proven worldwide.

The 2940nm Erbium laser wavelength corresponds to the maximum absorption peak of water (water is the main component of the skin). Thus, the energy is fully utilized for the rapid evaporation of water in the tissue, resulting in an almost instantaneous tissue ablation. Due to its characteristics, MCL31 Dermablate has a significantly shorter healing time compared to a CO 2 laser. On the other hand, the CO 2 laser provides better hemostasis through coagulation.

Due to the significantly limited heat effect of the Erbium laser, the procedure is less painful than with the CO 2 laser. Patients do not require any anesthesia when treating small lesions. Side effects and risks are greatly reduced with this laser. The safety of this treatment makes the Erbium laser the best choice for delicate areas such as the periorbital area or even the neck, chest and arms.


Built-in smoke evacuation system with triple filtration system
The patented design of the handpiece guarantees effective and simultaneous aspiration of ablated particles, while the laser radiation is activated by a foot switch.

VarioTEAM handpiece with adjustable spot size directly at the tip
Another innovation of the Asclepion is the ease with which doctors can change the spot size (from 1 to 6 mm) simply by turning the ring on the handpiece. The device automatically detects the change and the laser is immediately ready for use, providing considerable time savings and a high degree of convenience for the user.

Adjustable pulse length
The MCL31 Dermablate is the first erbium:YAG laser that allows you to change the pulse length. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to work with extremely short pulses that guarantee highly precise "cold ablation" as well as longer "hot ablation" pulses (up to 1000ms) for thermal effects on the tissue. "Cold ablation" is particularly suitable for purely ablative procedures (e.g. to remove dermal and epidermal lesions), while "hot ablation" is recommended for rejuvenation procedures because it effectively stimulates neocollagenesis. These two modes can also be combined, for example, in fractional rejuvenation procedures (where the thermal effect on collagen can be added to the ablative effect on deep wrinkles) and when removing lesions located in the dermis (coagulation mode).


"Coagulation mode" keeps the treatment area free and clear
Thanks to its thermal mode, the MCL31 Dermablate laser offers the ability to limit any bleeding during ablation with a simple gesture. This feature allows you to instantly change the operating screen mode from ablative to thermal. In this way, the treated area remains clear and visible throughout the treatment, allowing the operator to work quickly, safely and efficiently.


New display
The clear touch screen with user-friendly interface provides an intuitive and pleasant working environment for the technician. The three treatment modes (Ablation, Therm, MicroSpot) are optimized specifically for the application.

The MCL31 Dermablate can be retrofitted with the following accessories:


VarioTEAM XL handpiece with adjustable spot size 8-12 mm
In addition to the standard handpiece, you can choose the VarioTEAM XL handpiece, which allows you to adjust the spot size from 8 to 12 mm - for fast treatment of larger lesions.


MicroSpot handpiece with adjustable coating speed
The MicroSpot handpiece is equipped with a special microlens array with a spot size of 13 x 13 mm (169 microdots) and is used for fractional skin ablation, such as fractional skin rejuvenation. This optic allows selective treatment of only "fractional" tissue in the form of a grid. This is made possible by splitting the laser beam into several hundred partial beams. This triggers skin renewal and collagen formation with rapid wound healing, which is supported by the untreated skin and therefore involves a very low risk of side effects. Thanks to the exclusive microlens matrix, MicroSpot technology offers a unique level of precision. The coating speed can be set directly at the handpiece by rotating the ring. This increases flexibility and allows for even better results in fractional laser therapy.


Steri-Spot handpiece: upgrade to Juliet, the feminine laser
The Steri-Spot handpiece extends the scope of the MCL31 Dermablate by offering the possibility of intravaginal treatments such as treatment of vaginal relaxation syndrome (VRS), vaginal atrophy and stress urinary incontinence (SUI). 


CUT handpiece
The CUT handpiece expands the range of applications of the MCL31 Dermablate and offers the world's first cut with an Er:YAG laser.


The special "TuneSwitch" foot switch
The MCL31 Dermablate is the first laser equipped with a special foot switch that allows the doctor to adjust the flow rate/repeat rate without having to touch the machine's screen, allowing for an efficient workflow.