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Personal data includes all information or data that identifies an individual or can be used to identify an individual, and is associated with such information or data.




In the context of this policy, "personal data" means the following:




Personal information is provided to the user at his or her discretion when placing an order, when paying for an order online or while using the site, namely: Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Delivery Address.


Data automatically transmitted to us during the use of the website, including cookie information, and other information about the user's device.


Products presented on the site in the collagen section can be paid for online by VISA and MasterCard bank cards. For this you need to establish a secure connection with the online payment service of the company "BC Victoriabank SA", 141, 31 August 1989, Chisinau, Moldova.






We do not process bankcard data used to pay for goods/services through this site. All responsibility for the processing of bankcard data lies solely with "BC Victoriabank SA" .







The user's personal data can only be processed if the user voluntarily and knowingly consents to the transfer of his or her data to the company. In this sense, the pages of the website involved in the collection of personal data contain a link to this document in order to help the user read the terms to which he or she consents.




We may process data containing personal information for the following purposes:




Order processing;


Personalizing services for users;


Designing the website to provide the most optimal user experience;


statistical research.







Cookies are known as temporary files stored in the user's browser. They can be divided into two types. The first type is those that are stored for a short time and are used online to improve user interaction or to remember previously viewed products. This type of temporary cookie makes it easier to store information without having to re-enter certain data.




The second type refers to cookies that are stored for long periods of time, from a few weeks to a few months. This type of cookie allows the user's device to be identified when they visit the site again. It should be noted that these cookies do not identify the user as a specific person.




Cookies facilitate the customization of offers and services, providing a positive experience of using the site. The data collected through cookies assumes anonymity and cannot be attributed or associated with other existing data, so they do not contain sensitive information.








How to use cookies




Cookies are used for anonymous statistical research on registered visits and/or the volume of web traffic. In addition, the website uses cookies to broadcast advertisements with personalized content so that the user is provided with relevant information and products that may be of potential interest. In this sense, specialized statistical analysis tools are used, namely Google Ads - Google Analytics .







The employees of LorEmA Estetic, who are directly involved in processing personal data, act in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, namely the Law nr. 133 of 08.07.2011. - on the protection of personal data", including the requirements for the protection of personal data, the documentation defining the company's policy regarding the processing of personal data, as well as the local normative acts on the processing of personal data.






As the security of data transmission over the Internet cannot be absolutely guaranteed, LorEmA Estetic accepts no responsibility for attacks aimed at theft or vandalism that may disclose or compromise personal data.




LorEmA Estetic is not responsible in any way if a user, of his or her own initiative, makes his or her personal data publicly available on one of the pages of the site. Also, LorEmA Estetic is not responsible for the user's actions related to referrals to other sites/services.








The data collected through the website may be disclosed without the user's consent only in case of legal proceedings/dispute regarding fraud related to payments to the following recipients: banks involved in online payments, international card organizations and service/product providers, respectively, in accordance with the Law. to the competent institutions.












The user may request the deletion of his or her data collected as a result of the use of this website by sending an email to








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