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Aesthetic Laser Mantis HR 808

Mantis HR 808

HR 808 diode laser

The HR 808 laser, made in Italy, represents the international standard for laser hair removal using the most innovative and advanced technology.

The HR 808 handpiece is designed to work with maximum efficiency, successfully combining incredible lightness with maximum performance and results.

Moreover, the exclusive Mantis ACS and TMS technology is able to prevent unwanted downtime during treatment, thus guaranteeing maximum efficiency in all conditions.


New cooling system
The thermal power of the laser source is enhanced with the ACS active cooling system, which guarantees virtually unlimited treatment time and increases the thermal power of the entire laser system.

The software monitors temperature and measures water flow, preventing the most common malfunctions that commonly occur in less advanced laser systems.

By constantly cooling the source and the crystal in contact with the skin, these systems provide incomparable results - yet are completely painless. 

Designed for maximum effectiveness, the HR808 handpiece has a real sapphire crystal head. Two active layers, one with a mirror effect, prevent reflections, protecting the source and improving its lifespan and performance. The tip is effectively cooled thanks to the powerful Peltier element system. It guarantees maximum comfort even in the most sensitive areas of the body.

Technical specifications:


Laser: high power diode
Source: 600W - 1200W
Wavelength: 808 nm
Beam profile: flat, homogeneous surface
Fluence: Single shot 5 - 40j/cm² - comfort 6 - 40j/cm² - regular 6 - 40j/cm²
Frequency: Single shot 1hz - comfort 1-6hz - regular shot 1-15hz
Pulse width: 10 - 300 ms
Cooling: High capacity gas cooling system
Machine measurements: 60 x 60 x 130 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Electrical connections: 220V/50HZ - 110V/60HZ
Spot dimensions: 10 mm x 12 mm (sapphire)