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Vascu Master™ diode laser

The Vascu Master Diode Laser™ is the ideal medical device for cosmetologists and doctors.

A revolution in diode lasers designed to effectively close blood vessels.
The Vascu Master Diode Laser™ is the ideal medical device for cosmetologists and doctors.


Thanks to the radiation of the focused beam with a wavelength of 980 nm, this technology has become the most popular technology, allowing painless closure of dilated blood vessels. The Vascu Master™ is equipped with a handpiece that is ideal for treating single vascular lesions, small angiomas, so-called spider veins.

The laser is also used to treat couperose.

Indications for the procedure:

Stellar hemangiomas,
senile angiomas,
ruby moles,
tiny spider veins on the legs.
The Vascu Master Diode Laser™ guarantees almost immediate, safe and permanent removal of blood vessels on the face, legs, arms and other parts of the body.

Vascu Master diode laser
The 980 nm wavelength is one of the best absorbed by hemoglobin, making the treatment very effective.

At the same time, the low melanin absorption reduces the possibility of discoloration, as with other lasers.

Vascu Master diode laser
Adjustable pulse duration from 10 μs to 10 s allows even deep vessels to be closed.

The hemoglobin in the blood vessels absorbs the energy of the laser wave. As a result of this process, the oxyhemoglobin coagulates and the vessel temporarily turns white. The treatment is virtually painless, a slight tingling or burning sensation may be accompanied only by a laser shot. In case of more significant changes, a slight swelling or erythema may appear after the procedure, which will disappear within a few hours.

After some time the closed vessel is spontaneously removed from the body.

All continuously adjustable parameters of the Vascu Master™ laser, viz:

pulse duration,
Tissue relaxation time,
they interact with each other, thus affecting the final effect of the percutaneous beam.

Thanks to three interchangeable spacers (1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm), we can adjust the laser beam to different depths of vessels located on the face and legs.

Vascu Master diode laser
The Vascu Master™ can be supplemented with other heads:



Laser treatment of the prostate


Vascu Master Diode Laser
Laser treatment of varicose veins


Vascu Master diode laser
Teeth Whitening


Vascu Master diode laser
Surgical head


Vascu Master diode laser
Laser Lipolysis


Vascu Master diode laser


Vascu Master diode laser
Pain Treatment


Vascu Master diode laser


Onychomycosis treatment


Vascu Master diode laser
Professional training is included in the price of each device. If the client wishes, they are held at our institute or in your salon.

The training ends with the issuance of a personal certificate. We provide warranty and post-warranty service as well as marketing support.

The kit includes:

laser with complete equipment (head, goggles, knife button, etc.)
professional training of staff in your office
marketing support

Technical specification:

Laser type: Diode 810nm 980nm
Power: 1 - 15W
Wave Type: Single Pulse, Continuous, Pulsating
Pulse duration: 10 μs -10 s
Pulse repetition frequency: 0.2 Hz -20 kHz
Technology: 635nm laser diode, <5mW power, adjustable backlight intensity
Screen / Interface: Color LCD touch screen
Consumption: 220-230V AC, 5A, 50Hz
Cooling: Air
Size: 150 (W) * 200 (L) * 200 (H) mm
Weight: 3 kg