Mesotherapy and biorevitalization

Training is conducted by

Dr.Grati Natalia

In the "Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization" training, our center provides you with comprehensive guidance under the supervision of an experienced instructor, Dr. Natalia Grat, a surgeon-cosmetologist and member of IMCAS.


The course-training includes:


Theory - 40%
Master Class - 60%
Hands-on practice on models.


For your convenience during the training, we provide all the necessary materials and equipment.

Upon completion, we issue a personalized certificate, duly stamped and signed.


The "Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization" training is designed for a single session lasting 7-8 hours, with a group size ranging from 5 to 7 participants.

This training is conducted regularly and is available in both group and individual formats.

To enroll in the training, clarify any information, or ask us any questions, please request a callback.