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Q Switch Laser

Q Switch Laser

Q Switch Laser

• Tattoo removal;
• Spot Removal;
• Removing a birthmark;
• Tattoo removal (eyebrows, lips, eyes)
• Skin rejuvenation, whitening, acne, tightening of pores
• Carbon peeling
• Lamp life more than 1,000,000 flashes


The 1064nm wavelength head (standard - infrared light) is used for removing tattoos in dark colors such as black, blue and green; 
The 532nm (dual-frequency green light) head is used to remove lighter tattoos such as red, brown, orange or yellow;
The nozzle with a wavelength of 1320nm (skin care, carbon peeling, which is carried out with the help of a carbon enhancer - nano gel). This is how the removal of the keratinized layer of epithelium, smoothed skin, returning a healthy complexion, removing pigment spots.

Long lifetime of the xenon lamp
Effective cooling system (radiator + water + air)
Health benefits after using the laser
Safe removal of tattoos (does not leave scars)

Technical specifications:

Laser type: Q-Switch Nd YAG laser
Wavelength: -1064nm, 532nm; 1320nm
Pulse energy: 1-1000 mJ (millijoule)
Pulse duration: <10ns (nanoseconds)
Frequency of use: 1 to 10hz (Hertz), continuously adjustable
Spot diameter: 2-8mm continuously adjustable
Power: 800 W (watts)
Power: 220 V, 50 Hz
6 inch color touch screen display
Life: up to 1,000,000 flashes
Requires volume of distilled water: about 5 liters
Dimensions: 44*35*33 cm
Weight: 16 kg