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Mesowave™ Premium Needleless Mesotherapy Device

Mesowave™ Premium is a professional mesotherapy device that does not include the use of needles during therapy.

Mesowave Premium

Needle-Free Mesotherapy

Technologies included in this device
• Electroporation
• Ultrasound
• Iontophoresis
• Galvanic descrusion
• Biostimulating laser

• All kinds of procedures for face and body
• Anti-aging and rejuvenation procedures
• Lifting and contouring of the jaw line
• Hydrating and nourishing
• Reducing scars and stretch marks
• Anti-acne
• Whitening
• Slimming and Anti-cellulite
• Detox
• Post hair removal treatment (with MESO SHR Serum)
• Scalp therapy to stimulate hair growth
• Scalp improvement therapies
• Electroplating Desincrustation

Technical specification:

Current: 6.4mA
Ultrasonic frequency: 1 MHz
Ultrasonic power: 1 W/cm2
Input: 230 V ac 50 Hz or 110 V ac 60 Hz
Power consumption: 35 W
Mode of operation: continuous / pulsating
Operating system: LCD / touch screen 5"
Cooling system: air cooling