Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Moldova

Duration of procedure:

35 minutes

Sweating is a natural bodily process. Usually, the problem of excessive sweating can be easily solved with antiperspirants. However, when excessive sweating occurs daily, regardless of heat, physical activity, or stressful situations, it is likely hyperhidrosis.


It is important to treat hyperhidrosis in a timely manner, as it can lead to dermatitis and irritation. Moreover, the presence of bacterial microflora, which causes an unpleasant odor, increases over time. People with excessive sweating are forced to constantly feel uncomfortable, thereby lowering their self-esteem.


At our LorEmA Aesthetic Medical Center, an experienced specialist can help you overcome this problem with Argireline injections. Just one session will relieve you of discomfort, provide a feeling of freshness, restore a normal lifestyle, and allow for pleasant interactions with loved ones.


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