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Kpsule Multifunctional Machine

Multif Free Comb (1006T+3050A+F-300DT)

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Multifunctional tower standardly equipped with a 5X magnifying lamp (1006T), an ozone steamer (F-300DT) and a white lacquered wooden trolley with 4 drawers and 2 side doors designed to store the accessories. The trolley allows fitting 2 beauty instruments from the MultiEquipment series, up to 12 different functions. The 4-wheel base eases the unit mobility. Aimed for beauty centres.

Technical specifications:

Led Magnifying Lamp
Ref. 1006T
Weight: 6,6 Kg
Weight: 3 Kg

Digital Facial Steamer
Size: 57x51x70 cm
Weight: 46,6 kg