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EOS-ICE Pro Device


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Different wavelengths for all skin tones and skin types for excellent results

755nm is suitable for fair-skinned people, the 755nm wavelength targets the hair follicle bulb and is particularly effective for superficial hair.

808nm is suitable for yellow skin. Its moderate level of melanin absorption makes it safe for yellow skin types. It targets hair on the arms, legs, cheeks, and beard.

1064nm is suitable for dark skin. 1064nm also provides the deepest penetration into the hair follicle, so it works on hair in areas such as the scalp, underarms and pubis.


Super lightweight handpiece:
The world's lightest handpiece at 365g with a super-powered system provides relaxation and comfort.


Safety and stability:
Novel metal-organic frames with modular design, electroseparation of water ensures stable and safe results.

30 quality control points, real-time monitoring ensures stability and reliability.


Advanced cooling system:
500 watt electronic refrigerator with active cooling, real 24-hour continuous operations.


Single wavelength power up to 2400 watts.
High power and low pulse width will bring you a comfortable and effective laser hair removal experience.


Largest spot size:
Largest spot size 12*25mm, outperforms 99% of competitors in the market, can absorb more energy and deeper hair follicles.


Multi-Layer Filter:
Extends the life of the laser ruler to the maximum extent.


Sapphire Laser Applicator:
High-precision PT1000 PID temperature sensor algorithm to cool the sapphire at -5℃.


Virtually painless treatment:
The diode laser uses uniform energy that continuously penetrates deep into the dermis and coagulates the hair follicle with a maximum of 20 pulses per second. The fast mode is specifically designed to coagulate hair follicles to the desired point of damage gradually with low impact to ensure painless and rapid treatment.


Intelligent menu navigation:
The professional data system automatically adjusts parameters according to different needs, skin color, gender, body parts as well as hair color, thickness and area to achieve perfect control. In addition, the therapist is free to set treatment parameters according to individual requirements.


Three handle options:

Negative pressure handle: makes the skin tighter, the energy transfer is stronger, and the spot area is larger, which is suitable for large areas such as the back.

Cooler knob: before and after treatment, a partner cooler knob can be applied. The temperature can be adjusted on the handle. This handle can bring you a new hair removal experience, relieving pain, enhancing the effect.

Rhinotrix handle: specially designed for rhinotrix, small and comfortable, does not damage capillaries.

Technical specification:

Amplifying medium: diode, alexandrite, Nd:YAG

Configuration: on a cart

Wavelength (nm): 755 nm, 808 nm, 1,064 nm

Average power: 1,600 W

Weight: 85 kg (187.39 lb)