RF Facelift + Collagen Body Gel in Moldova

Duration of procedure:

40 minutes

RF-Lifting is a non-surgical method used in cosmetology to achieve a 'lifting' effect on the skin of the face and reduce subcutaneous fat volume.


Radiofrequency generates heat in the tissues, reaching approximately 50-60 degrees Celsius. Under the influence of these temperatures, physiological rejuvenation processes are initiated. The outcome of the procedure includes skin smoothing, volume reduction, restoration of skin tone, and a natural complexion.


RF-Lifting is recommended for individuals of all ages, and for effective anti-aging therapy, it is advisable to undergo a course of treatments.


To achieve the best results, a cosmetic gel with collagen is applied.


RF-Lifting works well in combination with other cosmetic procedures such as injectable rejuvenation, mesotherapy, and bio-revitalization.


Immediately after the session, blood vessels expand, indicated by redness in the treated area and a rise in temperature at the treatment sites. Swelling may appear later in the evening. If a large area of the skin was treated, combining RF-Lifting with lymphatic drainage is advisable.


Advantages of RF-Lifting:

No scarring left behind;
Can be used on any part of the body;
Suitable for use year-round;
Requires no preparation before the procedure.

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