Lip Augmentation and Correction in Moldova

Duration of procedure:

50 minutes

Lip augmentation has become quite common. Properly performed by a professional cosmetic doctor, lip contouring should transform your appearance by highlighting your strengths and addressing any imperfections. In this case, attention should be drawn to radiant skin, well-defined lip contours, their natural volume, and gloss, rather than excessive enlargement and distortion of shape. Lip augmentation with filler is a combination of a doctor's professionalism, the delicate touch of an artist, and sculptor's talent. Trust your attractiveness to those who can not only inject gel into your skin but also evaluate the strengths of your appearance and emphasize them.


At our LorEmA Aesthetic Medical Center, qualified doctors with years of experience work. Their experience allows them to quickly analyze the patient's problem and accurately determine which filler is needed.


They use German AMALIAN fillers in their work, which are made exclusively from ultra-pure hyaluronic acid, free from proteins and animal-derived components.


To enhance or correct the lips, fillers from such lines as:


AMALIAN SF with lidocaine

AMALIAN fillers are manufactured in Germany and undergo strict quality control.


The results last from 5 to 8 months, depending on the individual characteristics of the body, after which the filler is completely absorbed by the body.


To schedule a 'Lip Augmentation and Correction with German AMALIAN Fillers' procedure, request a callback, and our manager will contact you.