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UltraLift Facial Lifting Device

UltraLift Facial Lifting Device

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HIFU Facial Lifting.

The HIFU Facial Lifting stimulates collagen production, uses ultrasound energy focused on tightening the eyebrows, neck and chin in a natural way and without recovery time, recommended in aesthetic treatments as it does not traumatize the skin surface.

Equipped with nozzles for working with different layers of the dermis.

• The 1,5 mm nozzle for the upper layer of the dermis for whitening the skin and tightening pores.
• The 3.0mm deep derma nozzle is for removing wrinkles and producing collagen.
• The 4.5mm nozzle for the SMAS layer -tones the skin in the neck and chest area, raising the eyebrows and chin.
•  Lightweight 8mm and 13mm nozzle -for fat burning and body shaping.

Technical specifications:

Focal length: 5.0-25mm(1.0j/STEP)

Power: <=160W

Output power: 0.2to2.0j(0.1j/STEP)

Spacing: 1.0-10mm (0.5j/STEP)

Input voltage: AC100-300,50HZ-60HZ

Working Temperature: +15+30

Storage temperature: -20~+55

Relative humidity: ≤80%