March 28, 2018

Medical training: Anti-age therapies in cosmetology

Anti-age therapy in cosmetology

  1. Human body and skin. The aging process. Factors that determine aging. Skin. Structure, histology, skin physiology. Aging of tissues, basic processes. The skin types and the specificity of each skin type over time.
  2. Mesotherapy. History. Theories and principles of mesotherapy. Modern methods in mesotherapy. Dermapen and virtual mesotherapy. The purpose of using to prevent and treat aging processes. Basic substances used for prophylaxis and treatment of aging processes.
  3. Procedures and interventions for the prophylaxis and treatment of geriatric phenomena. Their association and logical order. Choosing the individual work protocol for each individual patient.
  4. Economic, legal, psychological and psychosocial aspects in addressing patients in the complex field of aesthetic medicine.
  5. Contraindications for mesotherapy. Physiological and unwanted reactions possible after mesotherapy. Allergy and its forms. Anaphylactic shock. Prophylaxis and treatment.
  6. Periorbital area
  7. Separation on anatomical areas of the face. Detailed approach and overall.
  8. Periorbital area, anatomy on layers, vascularization and innervation. The specificity of the skin around the eyes.
  9. Periorbital area, pathological aspect and related to the physiological norm of aging of this area. Circumstances, “pockets,” wrinkles, periorbital “hernias”, excess skin. Diagnosis and treatment. Existing treatment methods for this anatomical area. Mesotherapy – solution no. 1 in prophylaxis of the evolution of the aging process of the periorbital zone.

III Practical part.

-Practical demonstrations on the model.