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Radio Frequency Premium for Facial and Body Tightening

Radio Frequency - Face Lifting & Body Shaping

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Radio Frequency Premium


Face Lift and Body Shaping


The technologies included in this device
• Bipolar radio frequency
• Biostimulating laser


• Firming and tightening
• Collagen refresh
• Facelift
• Contouring of the jaw line
• buttock lift
• Instant arm lift
• Instant Thigh Lift
• Slimming
• Cellulite reduction
• Body contouring

Technical specification:

Frequency: 1MHz
Power: 120~150W/cm3
Laser type and power: 3A class / 3mW
Input: 230VAC 50Hz or 110VAC 60Hz
Power Consumption: 130-160W
Operating mode: Continuous / pulsating
Operating system: LCD / touch screen 5"
Cooling system: air cooling