PlazmaFrax ™ technology utylizes the lates achievements in the field of aesthetic medicine and beauty treatments.

PlazmaFrax ™ head is a perfect way to rejuvenate skin, restore its health and vitality. The Action technology is based on the use of plasma – an electric arc of specially selected parameters to achieve a desired therapeutic effect. PlazmaFrax ™ are also selective currents.

Never before any contact-less treatments has brought such spectacular results. PlazmaFrax™ is an original equipment for professional Aesthetics Salon and SPA, which rely on the latest technological research and intensive development.

The PlazmaFrax™ Head skin treatment effectiveness is certified in the following areas:
• Non–contact micro – skin fractionation
• Known from CO2 lasers
• Forcing cells to full health restoration
• Eliminating wrinkles
• Delaying the ageing effects
• Restoring the structure of cells‘ energy
• Cell‘s bio–stimulation
• The application of active ingredients
• Water extraction
• From the deeper layers of the skin
• Acne treatment (ozone)
• Sealing of blood vessel walls
• Peeling effect
• Anti-inflammatory effect
• Strengthening the cell defence processes
• Restoration of environmental sustainability
• Inside and outside of cells
• Improving the resilience and tenacity of cells

PlazmaFrax™ utylizes also selective currents. These currents, when adjusted to a proper power and frequency, are useful in cosmetic treatments.
PlazmaFrax™ is equiped with two heads: cone head and flat head, both coated with high grade of gold.
PlazmaFrax™ can included to any other type of treatment.
PlazmaFrax™ is not only an efficient way of deleting signs of ageing. It‘s essentially a best way to prevent those signs from occuring.