Integral training just in one session.

MIO FIT guarantees a simultaneous work on different muscular groups. The synergy of the treatment with aerobic exercise will increase the metabolism, cellular oxygenation, stimulation of the circulatory system, the natural drainage and better absorption of liquids and nutrients. Also the capacity and quality of muscular contraction will be improved.

Compensated asymmetric square pulse allows a progressive contraction and non-aggressive stimulation on muscles, stimulating correctly the muscular motor points. The pulse width and frequency, as well as rest times are programable parameters. This modifications will be determined by needs required.

MIO FIT is able to be programmed in automatic or manual mode.

MIO FIT technology allows combination with multiple techniques and treatments:
-Manual treatments
-Radiofrequency, Radial Shockwave Therapy, Selective Cryolipolysis, Pressotherapy, Ultrasounds
-Indicated in Beauty centers, gyms, sport centers, physiotherapy clinics, sport medicine, spas.

A modern and effective treatment, very well accepted, painless and suitable for all ages.

MIO FIT treatments:
Aesthetic – flaccidity, lost of local fat, muscle toning
Sport – increase of the musculature, muscular resistance, improve athletic performance
Postpartum – physical recovery, fat loss, fluid retention
Physiotherapy and sport medicine – treatment of the muscular atrophy, increase of joint mobility, improve of blood circulation, improve of limphatic drainage, muscle relaxation after exercise.