Mesolux™ PHOTO-ELECTROPORATION SYSTEM is a new non-invasive transepidermal introduction of actives by electroporation which includes phototherapy.

Electroporation technology lies in the controlled application of high-voltage electrical pulses. These pulses temporary open pores in the lipid bi-layers of cell membranes by increasing the permeability and creates gap channels in the intercellular space. Therefore, a large amount of active penetration occurs through transdermal and anexial routes. Activates penetrate through the stratum corneum, the walls of pilosebaceous units and sweat glands. This mechanism is both reversible and transitory. Skin returns to its original state within a short lapse of time.

Phototherapy at 633nm wavelength proves to be the most effective to stimulate skin cells and to activate all metabolic processes that are needed to reorganize the collagen matrix, fibroblast and to induce cell reactivation. Moreover, it generates vasodilatation and microcirculatory reactivation. The absorption of active ingredients which penetrate through electroporation is improved and the benefits of treatments are boosted. Therefore, the use of combination treatments, electroporation and photo-therapy works in synergy to strength both effects. As an accessory you can purchase at 420nm phototherapy applicators suited to combat bacteria Propionbacterium acnes ( P. acnes ) implicated in the etiology of acne.

Treatments carried out by MESOLUX™ and its electrodes are countless. Facial and body treatments and a brand new electrode suitable for hair care. Mesolux contains brand new microcontrollers designed to generate the pulse and optimum frequency for each type of treatment (facial – capillary- body). For instance, you will be able to make treatments for scars, stretch marks, acne, flaccidity, cellulite, seborrhoea, alopecia, breast firming with one single device.