LipoRadioLogie VINCI II


The biggest revolution in the field of body treatments for over 30 years!

LipoRadioLogie ™ VINCI II is a system that uses:
• Bipolar radio frequency
• Infrared
• LED radiation
• Mechanical massage rollers
• Vacuum
• Cryotherapy
• Therma RF

LipoRadioLogie ™ VINCI II is a professional device with the highest quality. The device is made of very durable materials. The ergonomic design of the heads make the treatment safe and painless.

The outstanding efficiency of the treatment has been achieved by utilizing a special head design and the latest technology. The heads of LipoRadioLogie ™ act simultaneously.

LipoRadioLogie ™ VINCI II is a combination of the most powerful system dedicated for following treatments:
• Cellulite elimination
• Slimming
• Body modeling
• Fat reducing
• Firming
• Collagen fibers regeneration
• Face lifting

LipoRadioLogie ™ VINCI II is not just a device, it is a whole system incorporating extensive collaboration with the client:
• Performing professional treatments in the beauty salon
• Specially design system of enhancing exercises
• Diet developed for patients by a nutrition specialist

LipoRadioLogie ™ VINCI II is also a reliable way of rapid beauty salon development.

LipoRadioLogie ™ VINCI II is an easy way to reach success.