Technologies included in this device: Diode laser.

• Effective system with real results
• Non-invasive procedure
• No downtime

Treatments area: face (reduction of double chin), body.

Beauty effects:
• Firming and tightening
• Slimming
• Cellulite reduction
• Body shaping

Suggested procedures that intensify slimming effects:
• Body wrapping
• Thermal blankets

Technical specification:
Laser type: 3B class; Main output power of diode: 200 mW; Working output power of diode: 100mW (adjustable); Wavelength: 650~660 nm; Max energy for model: 4.8W~9.6W (depending on number of pads); Input: 230V AC 50Hz or 110V AC 60Hz; Power consumption: 80 W; Operating mode: continuous; Operating system: touch screen 5”; Cooling system: air cooled; Material of enclosure: Corian®; Colour: white (soft-touch effect); Plug: European, British, American.