HialuroFrax™ – treatment, combining diode laser, contactless skin fractioning, using the plasma and hialuronic acid.

The secret of incredible efficiency of HialuroFrax™ laser system, lies in synergy. It combines:
• Diode laser
• PlazmaFrax™ technology
• Nano–cosmetics

905 nm wavelenght diode laser, has a property of deep skin penetration, stimulating its cells. It boosts transport of active ingredients through consecutive skin layers. This 300 Watt laser shows significant impact on skin cells but still it doesn’t overheat them, proving the maximum safety of the treatment.

PlazmaFrax™ affects skin cells In many positive ways. The most significant improvements are:
• Restoring collagens which decrese wrinkles and improve skin thightness
• Restoring cell’s energy potential, which is vital for proper cell performance
• It allows for contactless skin fractioning – micro ruptures, make the epidermis regenerate itself
and becomes smooth and radiant.
• While plasma is working it creates ozone, which has strong antiseptic properties, reduces inflamations and oxygenates skin cells
• It expedites natural peeling process.

PlazmaFrax™ is the first contactless way to improve skin aesthetic with such incredible efficiency.

The nano-cosmetics designed and developed in german laboratories, as well as state of art hialuronic acid with lifting and anti–acne ampules, become a perfect supplement of laser and plasma.

The HialuroFrax™ Laser system has already been acclaimed among proffesionals dealing with skin defficiencies on every day basis.