Technology that reduces fat after the first treatment.
An effective, non-invasive, painless, and safe solution.

Diolipo 3B is indicated for the treatment of localized fats by means of Class 3B lipolysis laser diode, it does not need recovery time.

The procedure is completely painless, has no thermal effect on the tissue, acts on the energy of the adipocytes by applying a low intensity laser with a wavelength of 650 nm. The effect causes a leakage at the cellular level in the adipocytes. Improve drainage functions by removing fluids and toxins.

DIOLIPO 3B includes 8 body applicators and 2 for lymph nodes. It is comfortable and cost-effective and versatile to other treatment techniques.

One of the main elements of the DIOLIPO 3B technology is four diodes with a power of 40 mW each. Allows incidence and targeting directly in the treatment area, thus increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.

The results will be evident from the first session, with a higher incidence of edematous adiposities, with a reduction of 3-4 cm/session.