D-FINITIVE EVO – a Vacuum and static Radiofrequency system, a definitive solution with multiple applications. Exclusive from Beco Medical, is a non-invasive and painless technology and does not use consumables.

Vacuum with progressive rotation and radiofrequency – exclusive technological development in sub-dermal vacuum therapy with rotation angle until 90°, rotational frequency from 1 to 5 Hz and bipolar radiofrequency.

A non-invasive treatment, intuitive, painless, comfortable and effective for mobilization of edematous and fibrotic tissue and local drainage.

D-FINITIVE EVO includes three ergonomic applications for treatment in periorbital area, facial contour, double chin, neck, chest, arms pr inner side of the knee and thigh.

The electromagnetic field causes a change in cell polarity by ion rotation. The molecular friction increase the temperature in the tissues triggering beneficial physiological effects to health.

Oxygenates, moisturizes and nourishes the tissues, increases the natural cell functions, increases vascularization, drainage, detoxification, causes lipolytic effect in adipose tissue and stimulates the collagen and elastin regeneration.

D-FINITIVE EVO applications:
– Wrinkles and expression lines
– Skin tightening – flaccidity
– Hyperpigmentation – acne
– Cellulitis – appearance of orange peel
– Strech marks