Ceramide Creamy Cleanser


YOUTH EXPERT™ Ceramide Creamy Cleanser is a soothing creamy cleansing emulsion designed to assist in calming the discomfort associated with weak, itchy, highly irritated or reddened skin. A unique formula, rich in skin-identical ceramides 1-3-6 can be used as an all in one product: facial cleanser, moisturiser and nourishing creamy mask with softening effect.

Active ingredients: Skin-identical Ceramides + Hydrolipidic Dermollient + D-panthenol + Green Tea + Boswellia + Licorice + Coconut Oil + Lauric Acid + Allantoin


• Hypoallergenic.
• Free of parabens, alcohol, colorants and allergens.
• Ideal for very sensitive skin: contains very gentle but effective cleansing ingredients. Does not contain soap, SLS and SLES.

Rich formulation:
• Calming components: pure Dexpanthenol (D-panthenol 75%).
• Anti-irritant agents: Licorice, Boswellia.
• Protective anti-oxidants: Green Tea.
• Lipid components (emollients): Isononyl Isononanoate (silky emollient used in products for infants and babies), Coconut Oil (Decyl Cocoate), Hydrolipidic Dermollient (Lauryl Olivate), Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP, Ceramide EOP, Phytosphingosine, Cholesterol.
• Humectants (moisturising agents): Allantoin.
• Cleansing components: Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Lauric Acid (Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate).

Unique formula combines high effectiveness in removing all types of impurities, while maintaining gentle cleansing properties, intensive nourishment (thanks to the rich content of lipid components), softening and moisturizing effect of the skin.
The cleanser has physiological pH and has soothing properties, so it can be applied on the most delicate, demanding or sensitive skin condition.

Directions for use:
• Recommended for skin of all ages for normal to combination skin
• Unisex: for women and men
• Skin with discomfort associated with weak, itchy, highly irritated or reddened skin
• Skin with strong dehydration (like in diabetics and people with hypothyroidism)
• Skin with lack of elasticity and firmness
• Problematic skin prone to acne and to the formation of whiteheads and blackheads (comedo)
• Skin with acne during isotretinoin medication (Retin A & the like)

Treatments types:
• Pre-treatments cleansing and softening procedures (effective but gentle)
• Targeted recovery of the damaged lipid barrier of the skin
• Recommended especially during Winter season while the level of ceramides in skin decreases
• Beauty procedures associated with sensitive skin prone to allergy, redness and inflammation
• Specialistic beauty procedures, as well as daily skin care of delicate skin that demands special care (skin of diabetics, skin of people with hypothyroidism, skin prone to acne especially during isotretinoin medication – Retin A & the like)

Efficacy of active ingredients:
General dermatological benefits
• Reinforces the natural lipid barrier of dry and ageing skin
• Improves long term moistursation and reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL)
• Provides a rich portion of ceramides which are the key regulator of cell growth
• Stimulates DNA synthesis and cell division
• Supports in inhibition of apoptosis (a process of programmed cell death – PCD)
• Protects the skin from external influences and irritations
• Helps to balance the oily skin and hypersecretion of sebaceous glands (which is well known as one of four major players in pathogenesis of acne vulgaris)
• Contains linoleic acid (a component of ceramide EOP) which supports dermatological procedures against skin disorders, such as: psoriasis, ichthyosis, acne (vulgaris), atopic dermatitis, surfactant induced dermatitis