This combination of active ingredients acts on the extracellular matrix, strengthening the tissue and firming the skin of the face and body. Its action is focused on restoring firmness and making the skin look younger and more luminous. It reduces and prevents wrinkles by generating new skin cells. It improves the skin’s elasticity by inducing the synthesis of collagen, elastin and a new extracellular matrix (ECM). It hydrates dry skin and helps to maintain the optimal moisture balance. The principal actions of BCN Tensis-Peptides are:

– It increases the skin’s collagen levels.
– It mimics the proteins responsible for organization of the collagen fibres through control of their size and uniformity.
– It provides an overall firming effect to the skin.
– It improves muscle tone giving it vitality and energy.
– It includes a potential anti-inflammatory effect.
– It provides a moisturizing effect by increasing hydration levels.
– It improves stretch marks and scars through the formation of new skin cells.
– It protects and repairs damaged skin.
– It activates the cell’s regenerative functions.
– It reduces tissue destructuration, the ageing process and wrinkles.