Contains pure Aloe Vera extract!

DERMEDICS™ ALOE VERA is an innovative contact gel designed for aesthetic medicine purposes. It ensures the proper connection between electrodes, probes and the skin.

Gel is recommended for anti-acne treatments (to accelerate skin renewal, support skin detox and restore even complexion) and for anti-aging beauty treatments to restore a younger and healthier appearance of sensitive skin. Recommended for skin of all ages.

• Provides effective skin detox
• Supports and accelerates skin renewal
• Provides relief for reddened skin
• Calms inflammation post sun exposure
• Ideal for demanding or sensitive skin
• Lightens discolorations and restores even complexion
• Refreshes and deeply moisturises the skin
• Microbiologically pure
• With proper viscosity
• Transparent colour
• Hypoallergenic
• Water soluble
• Dermatologically tested

Active ingredient – Aloe Vera pure extract has beneficial properties for the skin: it refreshes, and deeply moisturises the skin, soothes irritations and calms inflammation post sun exposure.

Directions for use:
• Ultrasound (Sonophoresis)
• Electroporation (Electrophoresis)
• Iontophoresis
• Radio Frequency (RF)
• Cavitation (Ultrasonic Liposuction)
• Laser Lipolysis (optional just to provide extra anti-aging benefits for the skin)