Adipo Wave is a technology based in Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT), which has become one of the best treatments for body reshaping protocols.

The device is used in localized fat reduction treatments and body contouring. It is advisalble to apply Radial Shockwave Therapy to improving skin firmness, elasticity and increase the production of new collagen.

Adipo Wave is a compact and portable system, without fixed consumables per session. The handpiece for Adipo Wave provides protection against vibration and allows use with one hand.


Aesthetic applications:
– Cellulite I to III
– Toning / skin tightening
– Improving scars
– Fibrosis
– Complement to lymph drainage therapy

Advantages of Adipo WAVE:
– Non-invasive treatment
– No recovery time
– Painless
– Visible results