Innovative Amalian fillers give you the opportunity to treat your patients with a complex therapy concept, but also to achieve long-lasting, visible results. You can choose from a range of professional aesthetic products with various content and concentrations for the treatment of fine or deep wrinkles, lip augmentation, facial contours and scar treatment.

Method of production of Amalian materials, have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing sterile hyaluronic acid, which has been used even in ophthalmic surgery and is characterized by extraordinary properties:

– ultra-pure hyaluronic acid

– easy injection, without taking into account the high structural viscosity

– homogeneous distribution in the skin

– excellent penetration properties

In addition, all hyaluronic acid filler offer the advantages of an absolutely premium treatment:

  • completely degradable
  • without animal components
  • without undesirable long-term effects
  • excellent biocompatibility, clinically proven
  • an allergy test is not required
  • guaranteed of the highest quality



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Mesotherapeutic products for aesthetic purposes

Institute BCN

At Institute BCN – an international company specialized in mesotherapy, we provide physicians and health and beauty professionals throughout the world with the widest range of mesoceuticals® on the market, and the equipment necessary to apply the most advanced mesotherapy treatments.
Non-invasive treatments which are painless, with no side effects and offering immediate results which allow us to provide effective and 100% customised solutions for cosmetic problems of both the face and body, such as ageing skin, localised fat, skin spots, hair loss, flaccid skin, cellulite, stretch marks, acne scars, etc.
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Beco Medical –  specialists in the development and manufacture of radiofrequency, HIFU, shockwaves, cryolipolysis, lipolytic diode laser and vacuum.

We use the most exclusive technologies, focusing our efforts on continuous improvement.


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DERMEDICS® is one of the brands owned by Beauty International Group which is fully dedicated to partnership abroad and which leads its business globally on the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

DERMEDICS® concentrates its offer on three sectors of business which include: electronic equipment, cosmetics, medical products.

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LestheZone is engaged in the production, sale and introduction of the latest medical and cosmetic products, skin care lines and medical-aesthetic equipment.

This is a Polish company, the representative of the Italian line Time Machine, the bestsellers of which are the HialuroFrax Laser System, LipoCaiMAx and LipoAromaRf. They represent on the Polish market its own original  technology of ideal and effective body modeling – LipoRadioLogia.

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