Anti-Aging Mesorevitalization in Moldova

Duration of procedure:

30 minutes

Mesorejuvenation Anti-age is a minimally invasive procedure in which medicinal products are injected under the skin. It combines the pharmacological effect of medications with the acupuncture-like effect of stimulating injections.


Hyaluronic Mesotherapy for Facial Skin:


Activates cellular metabolism.
Corrects signs of aging.
Smoothes wrinkles, including deep ones.
Increases skin turgor and tone.
Improves facial complexion.
Addresses dermatological issues (pigmentation spots, stretch marks, scars, rosacea, acne).
Makes the skin firm and elastic.
Treats couperose and cellulite.
Targets localized fat deposits.
Stops hair loss.
Provides rejuvenating effects.

Mesotherapy is characterized by its minimally invasive, safe, and cost-effective nature, allowing for the combination of various techniques and rapid results.


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