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HydraZone ™ Skin Care System

HydraZone™ - The latest system designed for non-invasive and comprehensive skin care.

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Hydrotherapy device
The HydraZone has three types of hydrotherapy nozzles + in rubber (for sensitive skin with small vascularisations) and microdermabrasion (for oily, thick, heavily polluted skin).

allows you to create individual treatment packages, use only one specific function or combine them.

The treatments are designed for people who struggle with sensitive skin, fine vascularization, tendency to excessive sebum production, lack of vitality or so-called smoker's skin.

- Hydrogen Therapy,
- NNM Microcurrents,
- Phonophoresis,
- Hot and cold therapy.

Hydrogen therapy allows you to deeply cleanse the skin of impurities and sebum with a stream of water saturated with hydrogen. The skin after the procedure is fresh, clean and moisturized. The additional properties of the smallest element, hydrogen, also slows the cell aging process and acts on free oxygen radicals and antioxidants.

PHONOFORES allows the active ingredients contained in specialized cosmetic products to effectively penetrate the skin and not just affect the outer layers of the epidermis.

NNM MICROTOCA is a procedure that uses microcurrents to create micro pores in the skin, through which the active ingredients of cosmetic products penetrate unimpeded.

HOT AND COLD THERAPY can be used in two ways.
To eliminate pain and reduce swelling, for example, after invasive procedures.

And to activate blood vessels, slow down skin aging processes at the end of a lifting procedure and improve the facial oval.

HydraZone is ideal for those who are constantly innovating, expanding their range of services to ensure a variety of procedures and the best results for their clients.