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Emsculpt Trainer

Fat Reduction: non-invasive way into the deep subcutaneous muscle tissue, triggering its motor neurons to drive super muscle contraction, so that 100% of the muscle fibers are activated.

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EMS Sculptor

Muscle building without the gym!!! It's possible!!!

The EMS Sculptor trainer allows you to do an extensive workout without wiping off your sweat - all thanks to Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS).

The HI-EMT technology and the two applicators, non-stretch tends to stretch and contract the muscles of the body to optimize their structure.

This effectively increases muscle density and volume. At the same time there is a steady tightening of the tissues. In addition, electrical impulses stimulate blood circulation and metabolism in the skin, which has a smoothing effect on problem areas with cellulite.

Not only is the treatment easy on the joints and bones, but it is pleasant and low-risk due to the built-in cooling.

Both men and women can be treated with the UMS Sculptor.
Impressive results are achieved on the thighs, abdomen, buttocks and arms.


■ A 30-minute treatment with this unique device is equivalent to 20,000 squats.
Two types of ergonomic applicators (flat and curved) which can be used individually or simultaneously on the abdomen and extremities.
Two or four applicators can be operated simultaneously, allowing simultaneous treatment of different clients or different areas.
■ Separate interface layout for men and women, offering professionals intuitive and intelligent operation.
■ An air-cooling system is available, no need to refill distilled water.
■ High-intensity magnetic energy of 7 Tesla, which can reach the large skeletal muscles of the human body, and this high energy level allows the muscles to respond with deep remodeling of their internal structure.
■ 7 automatic modes and a manual mode to improve muscle strength, muscle quality and muscle endurance at various levels.

Technical specifications:

Technology: high-energy pulsed electromagnet
Applicators: 4 applicators
Magnetic power: 7.0 Tesla ± 20%
Magnetic frequency: Symmetrical biphasic pulse, 150 Hz max.
Treatment protocol: Automatic and manual mode
Treatment time: 30 minutes
Pulse width: 260 µs
Interface: 10 inch touch screen
Power: 3500W
Dimensions: 460 × 380 × 1130 (mm)