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Electronic pedicure chair FE302E

Electronic pedicure chair FE302E

- White upholstery, color upon request

- 4 contoured cushions

- 4 drives

- Electronic remote control

- Separated lower cushion

- Flat reclining option

- Backrest elevation option

- Retractable footrest

- Full chair recline

- Remote control

- Option to purchase armrests

- Option to purchase a pedal


Electric Pedicure Chair: Advantages


Pedicure chairs are an integral part of beauty salons and spa centers offering foot and nail care services. These specialized chairs come with numerous advantages that make them indispensable for professional technicians and provide satisfaction to clients.


Comfort and Relaxation


One of the primary benefits of pedicure chairs is the ability to offer clients complete relaxation and comfort during the procedure. These chairs typically feature soft cushions, adjustable backrests, and footrests, allowing clients to unwind and enjoy the process.




Pedicure chairs often have removable basins or bowls that can be easily cleaned and disinfected between clients. This ensures a high level of hygiene and safety for clients while preventing the spread of infections.Efficiency and Convenience for Technicians
Professional cosmetologists value pedicure chairs for their functionality and convenience. Many of these chairs come equipped with integrated drawers and shelves for storing tools and materials, helping technicians stay organized and efficient during their work.


Adjustability and Customization


Pedicure chairs offer a range of adjustments to cater to the specific needs of both clients and technicians. This includes height adjustment, backrest angle, massage functions, and even basin heating options.


Massage and Therapeutic Functions


Some pedicure chairs come with massage functions that promote improved blood circulation and muscle relaxation in the legs. This adds an extra layer of relaxation and foot care for clients.


Aesthetic Appeal


Pedicure chairs are available in various designs and finishes, allowing salons to choose electric pedicure chairs that match their interior decor and create a pleasant atmosphere for clients.


Service Promotion


Having modern and professional electric pedicure chairs enables beauty salons to effectively promote their services, attracting clients who value high levels of comfort and service quality.


Durability and Reliability


Electric pedicure chairs from reputable manufacturers are typically made from high-quality materials, ensuring their long service life and reliability.


Electric pedicure chairs have become an essential part of modern beauty salons and spas, offering a range of benefits to both technicians and clients. They contribute to creating a pleasant atmosphere, enhancing procedure efficiency, and maintaining high hygiene standards. These chairs have become a symbol of professional foot and nail care, making them a valuable investment for businesses in the beauty and wellness industry.