Beard Hair Removal

Duration of procedure:

20 minutes

Laser hair removal for the chin is not uncommon but rather a highly sought-after procedure in the modern world, addressing the issue of unwanted facial hair in both women and men.


SHR IPL hair removal (pain-free hair removal) is a revolutionary technology that utilizes light in motion to remove hair, combining all the advantages of traditional hair removal with IPL (intense pulsed light) technology. It is based on the frequent repetition of low-frequency rays.


At the LorEmA Aesthetic Medical Center, our professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve your desired results and providing consultation on facial laser hair removal, as well as any other area, while addressing all your questions. You can schedule a consultation by requesting a callback.

Please remember to discontinue waxing, sugaring, etc., three weeks before the hair removal procedure.


Indications for SHR hair removal are similar to those for other types of hair removal:


Presence of unwanted hair in any area of the body;

Inability to effectively remove hair in hard-to-reach areas.

Contraindications include:


Skin infections;
Pregnancy and breastfeeding;
Recent surgical interventions in the treatment area;
Keloid scars;
Immune disorders;
Presence of cardiac pacemakers;
History of oncopathology;
Concomitant diseases (Type 1 diabetes, epilepsy, severe heart failure, neurological disorders).